How to donate to Christ Church & St John’s

Stewardship Renewal 2023: 

Stewardship Letter
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Christ Church & St John’s are part of a close-knit local community.

We try to be inclusive in the various types of worship available to the different age groups within our congregation, and to different types of churchmanship. Despite their busy lives, members of our congregations have been more than generous in giving of their time and skills in nurturing our children and youth groups, fellowship and outreach.

In these difficult financial times we have tried to ensure that our contribution to overseas giving has not been reduced, and through economies we have reduced in-house costs.

We have a long tradition of selfless giving. This is largely through stewardship pledges, regular envelopes or for a specific project, such as the Vision Hall, which has grown to be an asset for the wider Radlett community.

Yet we are aware that we need to strengthen the presence of the Holy Spirit within our community.

All our work and support is made possible by the congregations selfless giving of their hard earned post tax income, to which of course Gift Aid tax is refunded to us.

We make an extra effort every year to encourage donations to make sure that our Stewardship Targets are met.

Should you be guided to support our work we would encourage you to make your donations to “Radlett PCC” and send, with a covering letter to Christ Church & St John’s, Church Office, Christ Church Vision Hall, Radlett WD7 7JJ. Thank you!